I am often interested in theories.

I like outrageous people and things.

I like a lot of variety in my life.

I love to make things I can use everyday.

I follow the latest trends and fashions.

Just as the Bible says, the world literally was created in six days.

I like being in charge of a group.

I like to learn about art, culture, and history.

I often crave excitement.

I am really interested only in a few things.

I would rather make something than buy it.

I dress more fashionably than most people.

The Federal government should encourage prayers in public schools.

I have more ability than most people.

I consider myself an intellectual.

I must admit that I like to show off.

I like trying new things.

I am very interested in how mechanical things, such as engines, work.

I like to dress in the latest fashions.

There is too much sex on television today.

I like to lead others.

I would like to spend a year or more in a foreign country.

I like a lot of excitement in my life.

I must admit that my interests are somewhat narrow and limited.

I like making things of wood, metal, or other such material.

I want to be considered fashionable.

A woman's life is fulfilled only if she can provide a happy home for her family.

I like the challenge of doing something I have never done before.

I like to learn about things even if they may never be of any use to me.

I like to make things with my hands.

I am always looking for a thrill.

I like doing things that are new and different.

I like to look through hardware or automotive stores.

I would like to understand more about how the universe works.

I like my life to be pretty much the same from week to week.